Aleister Black Written Off TV With an Injury Angle

Aleister Black has had a topsy turvy career on the main roster so far and hasn’t done much in his year-long stay on the red brand. It seems like Black won’t be doing much in the coming weeks as well, as WWE is planning to write the former NXT Champion off the television for the time being.

Black was ruthlessly attacked by Seth Rollins and Murphy this week on RAW, and Murphy threw Black into the ring steps, attacking his eye.

Murphy followed Rollins’ orders, who executed the same maneuver on Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo in the past. Rollins delivered a stomp to Black following Murphy’s attack, as medical officials checked on him.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, this was intended to write him off the TV with an injury angle. It is unclear whether Black is injured in real life, but he won’t be appearing on RAW in the near future.

“I know the original plan was to take him out, I don’t know for how long. That was the original idea is to do an injury angle with Aleister Black which is kinda weird when you’re low on talent.”

With Black and Rey Mysterio out of action, it leaves Dominik Mysterio as the sole member of the babyface team against Seth Rollins and Murphy. WWE has several stars out of action currently for various reasons, which makes the exclusion of Black quite baffling.