WWE Star Reportedly Now Retired From In-Ring Competition After Appearing As A Legend At Raw Reunion

Fox hasn't been seen for a number of months on WWE TV

Alicia Fox
Image via Youtube

WWE welcomed back a number of legends as part of last night’s show which was reportedly The USA Network’s idea to pull back some of the ratings that the company had lost in recent weeks.

One thing that stumped a number of fans was the fact that Alicia Fox was put on the poster advertising all of the legends who would be in attendance at Monday Night Raw last night in Tampa, Florida. Of course, Foxy was part of the show, but she only appeared in segments alongside the likes of Kaitlyn, Torrie Wilson, Jimmy Hart, and Santino Marella.

Fox hasn’t been seen for a number of months on WWE TV after it was reported that the former Divas Champion was one of the reasons why Arn Anderson was fired from WWE back in March after she turned up intoxicated to a WWE Live Event and Anderson still allowed her to wrestle. Fox did return to the ring back in April, where she lost a match to Becky Lynch.

According to the most recent episode of The Wrestling Observer, it’s believed that Alicia Fox is now done as an in-ring competitor with WWE since she was spotted alongside the legends and presented as one.

Fox was part of a number botches in the last few months of her career so it makes sense that the company wants their women’s division to be focused on the competition rather than the past Divas who Alicia Fox represents.

“Evidently, Alicia Fox is no longer an active wrestler. She was in every segment. I mean she hasn’t wrestled in months but they never formally released her, so maybe the idea is like, because they never release anyone, so I guess the idea maybe is that she’s not going to wrestle anymore but she’s still under contract. She was very clearly not a member of the active roster,” he said via Sportskeeda.

It is worth noting that this is just a speculation from Dave Meltzer since Fox did mention that she was looking for a much bigger hat so that she could wear it for SummerSlam. This obviously hints that she will be part of The Biggest Party of the Summer, but this doesn’t mean that she will wrestle since Foxy has become good at being a ringside personality for other female wrestlers in recent years.