Anonymous Wrestler Confirms ‘Hostage Situation’ in Saudi Arabia Last Year, Joins Lawsuit Against WWE

It was recently reported that several class-action lawsuits were filed against WWE in April with respect to the TV deal for the PPVs being organized in Saudi Arabia. The lawsuit was based on WWE’s misleading statements regarding the whole Saudi situation.

After the Crown Jewel event last year, several wrestlers were left stranded in Saudi Arabia as their plane back to the USA was delayed. WWE described the situation arising due to mechanical error, but several other controversial reports made their way online.

Two new witnesses have joined the lawsuit against WWE, with one being a wrestler who was present at the Crown Jewel event in October.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the wrestler has confirmed the rumors about the hostage situation and said that the flight was delayed due to an argument between Vince McMahon and the Crown Prince.

A delay in payment for the Super ShowDown 2019 event led to the argument, which in-turn was described as the reason for the delay in flights.

Several wrestlers were stranded at the airport, and couldn’t make in time for the SmackDown episode scheduled to air the very next night.

The anonymous wrestler reported that he was part of a small group of 10-12 people who were put back on a special flight to Buffalo for the SmackDown episode.

He also reported that many wrestlers wanted to complain about the event but didn’t do so due to the fear of losing their jobs.