Apollo Crews’ Recent Push on Monday Night Raw is Reportedly Backed by Paul Heyman

Apollo Crews became the third participant to qualify for the Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match by defeating veteran MVP this week on Monday Night RAW. Crews nailed MVP with the sitdown powerbomb for the win.

Despite his promising main roster debut in 2016, Crews could never rise through the ranks either on RAW or SmackDown. Although the One Man Nation could connect well with the WWE Universe, ultimately fans never quite got behind him and he quickly became one of the most overlooked Superstars in the company.

Crews never got the footing he deserved to climb through the ranks, but a big change could be coming for the talented athlete now that RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman has his eyes on him.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue reports that Crews isn’t an all-round performer but that hasn’t stopped Heyman from bringing the underrated star over to RAW.

He has some very strong strengths and some very clear weaknesses. He’s not used to being on the backfoot, he’s not the best seller, but his power game is great and his offense is different and he connects with the crowd when he’s in the position and has the enthusiasm.”

For two weeks in a row, Crews has delivered fantastic matches under the mentorship of Paul Heyman.

“He’s been bullied by Sheamus and bullied by Dolph Ziggler. That’s really not much of anything. There are definitely a few people who wanted to see him pushed. Paul Heyman wanted to get a hold of him on RAW. He got him and we saw a great match with Aleister Black and he’s had a match with MVP now. While I don’t think this is his last chance, this is definitely his best chance”

While there’s no guarantee that Crews can revive his WWE career with his recent back-to-back performances, the fact that he is on Heyman’s radar and also competing in the Men’s Money In The ladder match gives him enough of an opportunity to prove his worth as a potential A-list Superstar.