Asuka’s Reaction To Title Win, WWE Flexible About Becky Lynch’s Return, Superstars Not Allowed To Sit In The Crowd

Last night on RAW, Becky Lynch broke news of her pregnancy and relinquished the RAW Women’s Championship. She crowned Asuka the new champion and stated that she would be stepping away for now. Lynch’s announcement has caused the WWE Universe to wildly speculate about her eventual return.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson reported WWE’s current mindset regarding The Man’s possible comeback; the company is open to welcoming her with open arms whenever she is ready to lace up her boots again.

“There is no timetable for her return. We are told obviously if and when she wants to come back they want her back. This will be a major thing in her life that she will endure and her life is gonna change forever.”

Asuka earned her maiden RAW Women’s Title without even having the need to cash in on The Man who she had failed to dethrone at Royal Rumble.

However, The Empress wasn’t actually aware that WWE would be putting the title on her last night. It wasn’t until she was at the Performance Center taping that Asuka had found out about the grand news. Nevertheless, her reaction to Lynch’s pregnancy announcement was very much organic.

“We were told that when WWE filmed the Money In The Bank ladder match in Stamford that Asuka was not aware she was winning the RAW Women’s Championship. She was not aware that was happening until yesterday when she got to the taping. So her reaction while she knew what was going to happen in the segment was legitimately shocked and excitement we were told.”

Meanwhile, WWE is waiting for fans to return to their live taping. The company’s audience-less shows have been lackluster, week in week out, and the nightmarish viewership ratings speak volumes about the concerning situation.

However, unlike AEW, WWE won’t be allowing talents to step into the shoes of fans. Vince McMahon prefers to have the WWE Universe as the only audience in the arena, not the Superstars.

“WWE knows. I was told all the way up to the top of the company everybody knows deep down how hard it is to watch the content being produced. There are a lot people asking why don’t they put wrestlers in the crowd and why don’t they do things. We were told there is a push back to that. I’m just told that Vince McMahon doesn’t want it that way and with everything else in the company if Vince McMahon says ‘jump’ everyone else says, ‘how high?’”

WWE is potentially waiting until Florida allows them to bring the fans back to their events.