Austin Theory Reportedly Suspended From Monday Night Raw

Austin Theory hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in a number of weeks after he was one of the stars who were named in the #SpeakingOut Movement.

WWE has neglected to give any kind of reasoning to Theory’s absence and instead have allowed Murphy and Seth Rollins to continue their current storyline as though Theory was never part of it.

It was thought that the star has been taken off TV while the rumors circulating about him settled down, or with the star absent for more than two months, there was a belief that he could have tested positive for COVID-19 and had been sent home to self isolate.

These rumors were put to bed last night when Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer noted that Theory had been suspended from the company when he was asked about the star’s whereabouts by a fan on Twitter.

While Meltzer didn’t give any details regarding the suspension, it was noted that Theory had been suspended but the company had opted to not announce it on TV or on their social media pages.

In the past, WWE has announced suspensions to the WWE Universe, so it’s interesting to see that this one hasn’t been made public.