Backstage Details on Who Petitioned For Heath Slater’s WWE Return

Last night on Raw, Heath Slater made his first appearance since his WWE release when he interrupted Drew McIntyre and demanded a match.

Slater looked as though he had been putting the time in at the gym since his WWE release back in April and delivered a fantastic promo when put up against his former 3MB teammate.

McIntyre went on to grant Slater his match since he made a compelling argument but it was over in a matter of seconds when he was blind-sighted by a Claymore.

Dolph Ziggler was the man who brought Slater back in to get in McIntyre’s head, but when he was unable to defeat The Scottish star, Ziggler turned on Slater and McIntyre was forced to make the save.

It’s been reported that this was a final one-off appearance for Slater who was able to say farewell to his long-time friend since the duo embraced in the ring following the segment.

According to a report by Tom Colohue from Sportskeeda, it was McIntyre who petitioned for Slater to be brought back for one more match. The duo had worked together for a number of years as part of 3MB and Slater is the only former member of the team who hasn’t been able to win a World Championship.

Colohue also revealed that McIntyre has endlessly petitioned for matches with Jinder Mahal, who himself is a former World Champion.

McIntyre and Slater first brought up the fact that he wanted a match on The Bump a few weeks ago, but it finally played out in their storyline last night. It’s unknown as to whether or not a storyline between Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre is in the works since Mahal is currently recovering from surgery but could make his WWE return later in the year.