Backstage Heat Between Goldberg And The Undertaker For Being Unsafe In The Ring

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The Undertaker returned to a WWE ring for the first time since November on Friday night when he took on WCW legend Goldberg for the first time in his illustrious career. Goldberg himself hadn’t wrestled in WWE since WrestleMania 33 before he showed up in Saudi Arabia last week for what was seen as a fantasy match.

The match was anything but a fantasy from the outset since Goldberg was knocked out when he was thrown head first into the ring post and the official then made the decision to allow the two stars to continue the match.

This lead to a number of scary moments between the two men where Undertaker and Goldberg were both dropped on their heads and are considered lucky to have finished the match without serious injury.

Following the match, The Undertaker didn’t look as though he was impressed with what he had just been part of, while Goldberg was unable to stand up and there was a graphic video shared online that showed the former Universal Champion collapsing at ringside.

When the two men did get backstage, it was reported by Brad Shepard that the two stars got into a heated altercation and earlier today on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Podcast, Shepard confirmed that the argument happened because both men blamed each other for being unsafe in the ring.

“Goldberg and The Undertaker got into a shouting match in Gorilla after their match, at Super ShowDown, well incident was described to me as a huge shouting match with each superstar accusing the other of being unsafe. WWE officials intervened and the incident was described as out of character for both men.

“Interestingly enough, and I haven’t been able to confirm this yet in full disclosure, but one source did tell me that they believe that The Undertaker flew home on Brock Lesnar’s private jet,” he said via Sportskeeda.