Backstage Heat on Bruce Prichard for Giving Christmas Gifts to the WWE Writing Team

Giving Christmas presents to those working with you is almost always seen as a nice gesture. But that wasn’t the case with Bruce Prichard apparently.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Prichard’s gesture didn’t sit well with the writing team in WWE. They reported that Bruce gave Amazon gift cards to those working under him but he gave it inside his ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast envelopes.

Many in the writing team believe that the EVP of SmackDown should’ve used WWE’s logo or skipped it altogether.

Some time ago, Zelina Vega was fired by WWE due to her online ventures outside WWE. But that policy doesn’t seem to apply to Prichard who runs the ‘Something to Wrestle With’ podcast.

“He sends something promoting his outside venture,” a source told Ringside News, “when people like Zelina were fired for outside ventures? And he’s our leader?”