Backstage News on Edge Not Taking His Role Seriously

Some time ago, WWE hired Edge and Daniel Bryan as creative writers for Raw and SmackDown respectively.

Ringsidenews has exclusively reported that people are happy with Bryan’s performance as a WWE writer. However, it seems like Edge isn’t putting in the same amount of effort as Bryan and this has irked some people backstage.

A source told that Edge doesn’t want to do his job as a WWE writer and this is why he hasn’t taken his role as seriously as Bryan.

Both wrestlers were given this position in July 2020 and if things don’t change anytime soon, Vince McMahon might fire Edge from this role.

He’s already done it several times with other writers. As of now, Edge is injured and WWE doesn’t have a return timeline for him, though the Rated R Superstar was rumored to be seen backstage during Survivor Series.