Backstage News On Luke Harper’s WWE Release, Update On Mike Kanellis, More Releases Could Be On The Way

Image via WWE

WWE recently released Luke Harper, The Ascension (Viktor & Konnor) and Sin Cara while subjecting all four Superstars to 90-day no-compete clauses that expire on March 8, 2020.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Harper’s contract would’ve expired on March 25 which is why his no-compete clause doesn’t quite matter.

“With a 90 day non-compete clause [Harper] is eligible to wrestle for other companies on March 8th. He will be a free agent on March 8th. His contract would have already been up now, but they tacked on time due to his wrist surgery, but with the time tacked on and frozen he would be a free agent on March 25th. So it’s 17 days. So, it’s kinda like they’re releasing him because it’s not really anything different.”

Meanwhile, Mike Kanellis is just simply biding his time in WWE. The billion-dollar promotion had turned down his release request and there’s nothing quite left for him to do at present.

Mike Kanellis did [ask for his release], but he’s not been released yet. Everyone I’ve heard from says that Mike Kanellis has done everything that they’ve asked.”

WWE has a strange way of dealing with Superstar releases and oftentimes Superstars end up getting frustrated with the company.

However, now that Triple H has convinced Vince McMahon to let unhappy Superstars quit WWE, more Superstar releases could be on the way.

“They all got the word [of their releases] on Sunday and then [WWE] put it up. So yeah, Luke Harper and The Ascension and Sin Cara. Which is interesting because — and I’ve heard that there’s more to come — I was told that there would be releases and then it was ‘No, nobody’s getting released’ and it kinda goes back and forth on what they’re gonna do.”

“There’s people who have asked for their release who were not released and there’s people who asked for their release like Sin Cara asked for his release and Luke Harper asked for his release in April I think. Sin Cara was more recent.”

WWE has had a rough 2019 with release requests piling up on the daily. Let’s see if the new year brings any luck to the company.