Backstage News on Murphy’s Current WWE Status

Murphy hasn’t appeared on Friday Night SmackDown for the last few weeks. Last year, Murphy had become a focal point of SmackDown during his storyline with Seth Rollins.

WWE also started a romantic angle between him and Rey Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah. Fans haven’t seen them in WWE for some time now.

Ringside News exclusively reports that Murphy was spotted backstage in WWE. The only reason he hasn’t appeared on WWE programming yet is that the company reportedly doesn’t have a spot for him.

“We’ve been asked about Murphy’s status since he vanished from television. We were told that, like Bo Dallas, Murphy has been around backstage. They just don’t have anything for him and he’s not being used. No word on what’s going on with the romantic angle that they left in limbo”

Recently, The Messiah Seth Rollins returned to WWE from his paternity leave. He can continue his rivalry with Murphy if the company doesn’t have any plans for them.