Backstage News on Why Vince McMahon Skipped SmackDown Last Week

Vince McMahon may be nearing eighty years of age, but the Chairman of WWE has shown no signs of slowing down in continuing his role in the company.

McMahon wasn’t present during WWE Smackdown last week and seems like his good friend Donald Trump’s loss in the US Presidential Election had a part to play in the absence, according to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“Vince McMahon missed Smackdown this week. While a few months back he was missing shows, of late he’s been at every show. There was a hint to us this was related to the election results in some form”

Despite COVID-19 posing a greater risk to the age group to which McMahon belongs, he has been backstage for almost all the RAW and Smackdown tapings.

His wife Linda was a part of the Trump administration, which would have had a major impact on Vince as well.