Backstage News on WWE Mystery Hacker on Friday Night SmackDown

WWE has had glitches appear on their SmackDown programming for quite some weeks now, with a mystery hacker revealed to be behind those glitches. The mystery hacker is apparently out on a mission to reveal the truth and has already caused Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose’s partnership to break up with his leaked tapes.

Fans have been wondering whether its a repackaged Mustafa Ali behind the mask, as lots of signs point towards the Chicago native being the mystery man. His logo was spotted by a few dedicated fans, in the glitches, and he has stayed away from programming for a few months.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the current plans are for Mustafa Ali to be the hacker, along with a repackaged Chad Gable. Gable, who was given the Shorty G gimmick after the King of the Ring tournament last year, has also been MIA along with Ali.

“The rumor going around is Mustafa Ali is behind this. But there’s also been talk it may end up as both Ali and a remade Chad Gable, since the Shorty G gimmick needs to be done away with anyway.”

Gable and Ali were last seen performing on SmackDown as a tag-team, after which they were taken off regular television. Both the babyfaces have immense talent and a new gimmick along with new personas would do a world of good for them.

A fan noted last week that the voices behind the hacker on SmackDown belong to Ali and Gable both, after he reverse-engineered the hacker voice to get the original tapes.

After breaking up Fire and Desire, the hacker(s) is now focusing on another team and teased a potential breakup between either of The Usos, New Day, Bayley-Banks, Miz-Morrison or Bliss-Cross. It remains to be seen when they reveal themselves to the WWE Universe and return to the ring.