Backstage Reaction Following WWE’s Response To Anonymous Letter, How AEW Is Treating WWE Releases

Last week, dozens of employees were laid off as part of WWE’s latest budget cuts; in an effort to bounce back from the financial damages suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the billion-dollar promotion made several cuts across the board without issuing any prior warning.

A few days ago, an anonymous WWE employee named “John” had sent a letter to Orange County pleading them to shut down WWE’s television tapings. The letter stated that WWE had forced employees to work during the pandemic.

The juggernaut promotion blatantly denied the claims and issued the following statement:

“These accusations aren’t true. Employees know they can confidentially go to Human Resources, not the public. Notwithstanding the appropriate protocol, no one would be fired if they were uncomfortable with their surroundings. We’ve made accommodations for individuals upon request.”

According to Fightful Select, that WWE isn’t forcing employees to work during the global crisis, but at the same time, nobody is brave enough to voice their opinions after the recent layoffs.

“From what we’ve heard, WWE’s response is actually how things have went there. We’ve heard from multiple employees that they aren’t being forced to work, but also aren’t comfortable with letting the company know they don’t want to, especially after the layoffs.”

Further reports suggest that AEW has been paying close attention to WWE’s internal situation ever since the talents were released last week.

The AEW talents have put Tony Khan over for his commendable leadership during this difficult time.

“Without providing specifics, he’s went above to make sure that everyone is taken care of and doing well, including some per-show employees.”

It was also noted that there is a prevailing curiosity in AEW regarding WWE releases. Some are concerned as to how high up the company the cuts would go.