Backstage Rumors on WWE Removing Paul Heyman as Head of Raw Creative

WWE has axed Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Monday Night RAW. This shock announcement comes during a time when WWE is trimming employees left and right, and like all the previous firings and furloughs, Heyman’s removal was a decision made by Vince McMahon himself. reports that Heyman didn’t step down from the Executive Director position but it was Mr. McMahon who chose to remove the ECW legend from the creative team owing to frustration with the abysmal RAW ratings.

“Heyman did not quit and this was a decision made by Vince McMahon after expressing frustration with the Raw ratings.”

McMahon is more involved with Raw than SmackDown and that made Heyman’s job much harder as he had to try to push his ideas while trying to keep McMahon happy.

Young Superstars who were Paul Heyman guys are reportedly shocked and worried about their push. Since his appointment as the RAW boss, Heyman had been pushing certain Superstars as top projects on the red brand.

However, Heyman had a difficult time carrying out his duties as Mr. McMahon would oftentimes step in and nix whatever big plans the legendary Advocate had brewed for his chosen talents.

According to Fightful, backstage reactions to Heyman’s shock firing as RAW Executive Director have been “all over the map.” While some employees could sense it, nobody in the company actually knew about the firing until WWE made it public on Twitter.

“Others indicating they could see the writing on the wall of late. It should be noted that nobody we’ve talked to said that they knew of the change before WWE announced it on Twitter.

In an effort to streamline the creative process, WWE has consolidated the writing teams from both RAW and SmackDown into a single group with Bruce Prichard at the helm.

Prichard has been working as the Executive Director of SmackDown ever since Eric Bischoff was fired from the company.