Backstage Update On How Much Input Paul Heyman Had This Week On Raw

Last night saw one of the best episodes of Raw this year

Image via WWE

It was announced publicly last week by WWE that the company had decided to appoint Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the executive directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live respectively. Last night was Heyman’s first night in the hot seat on Raw and it was one of the best episodes of the year, but how much input did the advocate for The Beast Incarnate actually have?

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer discussed Heyman’s input this week on Raw and revealed that he did contribute to the overall process. Heyman’s “fingerprints” were reportedly all over the show, but ahead of last night’s event, Vince McMahon and Raw head writer Ed Koskey were the ones discussing the show at the weekly production meeting instead of Heyman.

While Heyman did appear on Raw last night, he appeared as The Advocate for Brock Lesnar rather than an authority figure for the show and one of the biggest changes that he wants to make to the show moving forward is to get rid of the authority figures all together because he feels like the storylines involving them are overdone.

It was already reported when Heyman was announced as the Executive Director of Raw that he wouldn’t be appearing as an authority figure since he was still part of a storyline with Brock Lesnar.

Heyman sat by Vince McMahon’s side throughout the show and they produced it together but it’s thought that in the future this won’t be the case. Heyman will learn the ropes and Vince McMahon can then have more time away from the company.

Eric Bischoff will take the reins tonight on SmackDown Live for the first time and it will be interesting to see if his “fingerprints” can be spotted on the product tonight since so many positive changes are already happening over on Raw, hopefully, SmackDown can catch up.