Backstage Update on Jeff Hardy Following Scary Spot on Raw

Jeff Hardy and Elias ended their feud last night in a Symphony of Destruction match which saw Hardy walk out victorious.

The former World Champion had his work cut out and was only able to pick up the victory after he hit a Swanton Bomb through the table.

While delivering the move, Hardy came down hard on the back of his neck on the steel steps, which seemed to be a case of misjudgment.

After the win, Hardy looked as though he was selling the injuries from the match, but Dave Meltzer later noted that Hardy was actually hurt.

The Wrestling Observer revealed that Hardy wasn’t treated for or diagnosed with a concussion but Meltzer noted: “there was an expectation that Hardy suffered a concussion” since many WWE stars don’t show symptoms right away.

It was argued that the fact that Hardy’s legs went through the table first could have slowed down the impact of Hardy’s neck, which could be why the injury is much less severe than it could have been.

Hardy was part of a backstage video following his win where he seemed relieved that his feud with Elias had come to an end and reiterated that he didn’t hit him with a car. Hardy seems ok in the video and doesn’t seem to be displaying any signs of injury.