Backstage Update on Keith Lee’s Current Push on Raw

Keith Lee has been a hot topic of conversation over the past few days since the former NXT star is expected to be pulled from the United States Championship match at Elimination Chamber on Sunday night.

It’s unclear what the issue with Lee currently is, but this is hot off the heels of Lee being omitted from the Royal Rumble match last month.

According to a report by RingSideNews, one of the issues with Lee at present is the fact that he doesn’t have the backing of Vince McMahon.

The Chairman doesn’t believe that his promos are hitting the level that they should on the main roster, which could be why he’s being held back.

A few months ago, Lee was one of the stars who was sent down to the Performance Center to be part of several extra classes, which shows that McMahon sees that there is potential in the former NXT star but he hasn’t seen it for himself just yet.

This past week on Monday Night Raw, the commentary team noted that Lee had suffered injuries in his match last week. This could be the reason why his participation at Elimination Chamber still remains up in the air just days before the show.