Backstage Update on Positive COVID-19 Case in WWE

WWE has been declared essential business in the state of Florida despite the COVID-19 outbreak, which has led to a continuation in WWE programming over the past two months. WWE has stated that they are taking all precautions possible to ensure the safety of the performers, but there are still concerns surrounding the whole situation.

WWE did confirm one positive COVID-19 case in their own company but clarified that the tested individual never stepped foot in the building. It was noted that the positive case emerged after the WrestleMania tapings, and the employee never came in contact with any of the other superstars.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez gave more information on this employee who tested positive in WWE. He did not have the name of the employee, but confirmed that it was a wrestler who contacted the virus.

It was previously reported that a member on the production and broadcast team had tested positive for the virus, but Alvarez’s latest update could be indicative of on-screen talent.

“There was one WWE performer who contracted coronavirus. The impression I was given is that it had nothing to do with WWE whether WWE was taping or whatever. It was something that happened outside of WWE. This person has somewhere away from WWE when they got it. They never showed up to WWE television when they found out they got it. That’s like the one that we know of so this taping and going live, I’m not a fan of it, but I’m fair. Nothing has happened.”

Alvarez added that this employee never showed up for the tapings, and was quarantined on time. It was reported that the employee tested positive after spending some time with people outside the company, which led to WWE continuing their own production.

WWE hasn’t reported any other COVID-19 cases since, and the next tapings are scheduled for next Monday, May 11.