Backstage Update on Potential WrestleMania 37 Matches

WrestleMania 37 is still more than five months away, but there have been several reports that suggest that WWE is not even close to finalizing a card.

The company is hoping to have fans back in attendance for their biggest show of the year, even if it means moving it to April, and many of the matches being discussed depend on if the audience will be part of the show.

According to a report by WrestleVotes, WWE is seemingly looking at three big matches for the show at present.

This includes Roman Reigns vs Goldberg, which has already begun building up, Edge vs Randy Orton which will hopefully finalize their feud, and Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar vs Keith Lee.

The last match is a strange addition to the list and depends on if there will be fans in the arena next year. Brock Lesnar obviously has a reason to return to face Drew McIntyre since he was the man who defeated him back in April.

Lesnar hasn’t been seen since his WrestleMania defeat and reportedly won’t return until fans are allowed to be part of the show once again.

Keith Lee is an odd addition to the match but it could be a sign of how far WWE is hoping to push for the former NXT star, who has already made waves on Raw since his debut.