Backstage Update on Retribution’s Future in WWE Raw

Retribution hasn’t had a lot of success in WWE over the past few months, since the group made their debut on Raw.

This week on the Monday night show, it was made clear that their issues with Ricochet were far from over, and this is something that Mike Johnson of PWInsider has since backed up.

The report noted that Ricochet’s storyline with the group is set to continue in the coming weeks even though there is no word on what the outcome will be.

Retribution could continue to push until Ricochet finally joins the team since he’s someone who could push the group forward. They could also continue this story until Ricochet is able to create his own team to combat Mustafa Ali and his group.

At present, it’s quite likely that backstage, WWE officials themselves haven’t decided what the outcome of this story will be or how much longer it will continue.

Either way, Retribution won on Raw when Mace faced Ricochet, which is the first win in a while for the group.

At one point, it appeared as though Retribution were losing faith in their leader, but this could change if he’s able to recruit someone of Ricochet’s pedigree.