Backstage Update on Vince McMahon Following Rumors that He Was in Ill Health

Vince McMahon has been the main man behind the scenes in WWE for decades, but now the 75-year-old could be looking to lighten his load and prepare for some level of retirement.

Recent rumors which seemingly stemmed from a Tweet from Ryback on Boxing Day, led the WWE Universe to believe that McMahon was in ill health at present, which is something that several stars have looked to clarify. was finally able to reach out to a source recently which stated that the WWE Chairman is currently fine and is actually getting more sleep than usual at present.

“Vince is fine. He still trains hard and he might forget some things here and there but that is because he has so many things on his plate. There is nothing about him that feels different other than he has aged just like all of us age. I think because of Covid he gets more time to sleep since he doesn’t have to travel as much but that is the only thing that has changed about him.”

The WWE Chairman has made some interesting changes to SmackDown and Raw in recent weeks and appears to now be a fan of changing many big decisions at the last minute.

Vince McMahon has been the backbone of WWE for a long time and it’s expected to remain this way for a long time yet.