Backstage Updates On The Returns Of Elias And Velveteen Dream

Image via Popculture

Elias hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the beginning of September when it was revealed that The Drifter was suffering from an ankle injury. The injury was severe enough to sideline Elias from that week’s SmackDown Live episode and meant that he had to be replaced in his King of the Ring semi-final match against Chad Gable.

The former NXT star was replaced by Shane McMahon, but he was later forced to tap by Gable enroute to the final where he was later defeated by Baron Corbin. This was almost two months ago, WWE originally stated that Elias would return by the end of October, which has now passed.

Dave Meltzer recently gave an update on the return of the SmackDown star as part of the most recent episode of The Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I remember being told that Elias would be back by the end of October, we have already passed that, so I would say any day now probably,” he said via Sportskeeda.

Velveteen Dream is also currently on the injured list after it was revealed that he had been struggling with a back injury for a number of months before he was written off WWE TV last month.

Dream was originally scheduled to fight Roderick Strong for the North American Championship, but instead, he was taken out by all four members of Undisputed Era backstage and lost the chance to win back his title.

Meltzer also updated the WWE Universe on the status of the former Champion and it appears that we could be waiting a while to see him make his return.

“And then Velveteen Dream was going to be a couple of months, so I think we are a little away from that.”

NXT’s roster has currently moved into a storyline ahead of Survivor Series, so Dream could be scheduled to make his return in December after this current story had run its course.