Baron Corbin Upset With Upcoming WWE Storyline Feud With Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle recently made quite a splash during his debut on SmackDown, beating the Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles in a non-title match.

Reports are now saying that Riddle, who came up from NXT, will be having his first feud with another NXT alumnus King Baron Corbin. According to Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy, a rivalry with Corbin has been part of the plan to establish Riddle on the main roster for some time now.

However, while Riddle was aware of these plans for several months, the same cannot be said for Corbin. Corbin only found out about the plan for him to feud with Riddle last week and, according to Cassidy, he was not happy.

Corbin felt that Riddle should face and defeat five enhancement talents before facing off with him.

Corbin is one of the company’s top heels, known for his arrogance – especially after he won the King of the Ring Tournament. If WWE wants Riddle to establish himself as a babyface, Corbin is a good choice for an opponent.

The arrogant unhappiness Cassidy is talking about is not out of character for Corbin, so this could be a work.

On SmackDown, Corbin faced Jeff Hardy after he pissed off Hardy and much of the roster for making disparaging remarks about the Undertaker. Hardy was victorious over Corbin and, after the match, Riddle was part of a beatdown given to Corbin alongside Hardy, The New Day, and Braun Strowman.

While Riddle and Corbin were not in NXT at the same time, the two men have faced off before when they were on the opposite sides of the multi-brand Triple Threat Match during last year’s Survivor Series.

Corbin got the best of Riddle then, eliminating him. Corbin again met Riddle during this year’s Royal Rumble and eliminated him from that match as well.