Bray Wyatt Gunning For 24/7 Title?

Wyatt has offered a safe haven for Truth


Since the introduction of the 24/7 title, one man has managed to hold on to it the most – R-Truth. Could his next big challenger for the title be the host of the Firefly Fun House?

Bray Wyatt, who has currently been “reinventing himself” as the cheerful but sinister host of the Firefly Fun House has recently reached out to Truth, offering him a safe haven.

Truth has indeed found holding on to the 24/7 Championship challenging, as he doesn’t have to face someone in a wrestling ring to lose his title. Truth has multiple wrestlers hunting and chasing him backstage and has had to defend his title in a variety of places: during a Memorial Day BBQ, a golf course and in an airport. While he has an ally in Carmella, he’s got to be getting a little tired by now.

Wyatt, for reasons of his own, has taken note of Truth’s plight and in a tweet has offered Truth a safe haven at the Fun House with Wyatt’s friends.

“Hey buddy!” writes Wyatt. “If you ever need a place to lay low for a bit you’re always welcome here!”

Of course there is the chance that Wyatt is “sincere”, but this could also be a ploy for Wyatt to get Truth onto his territory. Despite Truth’s reputation for being easily “confused”, the fact that Wyatt might have hidden reasons for his offer of sanctuary.

Truth has Tweeted his response to Wyatt and it seems like he’s not sure what to make of Wyatt’s offer either.

Truth lost the title to Jinder Mahal while he was on the way to the Super ShowDown show in Saudi Arabia.

But he won it back by pinning a napping Mahal on the plane, 6 hours later.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the 24/7 title when Truth brings it home to the United States where Wyatt is technically waiting as he was not involved in Super ShowDown.