Bray Wyatt Teases “The Fiend’s” Next Victim On Social Media

Image via WWE

WWE Hell in a Cell didn’t go to plan for Bray Wyatt‘s Fiend since he walked out of Satan’s Structure without the Universal Championship. Wyatt withstood 11 Curb Stomps from Seth Rollins, as well as numerous chair shots, and then shots with a ladder and toolbox.

It was when it was clear that Wyatt was not defending himself that the referee decided to end the match, especially since Rollins used Triple H’s patented sledgehammer on Wyatt.

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The ending of the match wasn’t what the WWE Universe wanted or expected, which could be why chants of “AEW” and “Refund” rang out inside the arena in Sacramento, California as the show went off the air.

Over the past few hours, it’s been made clear that the ending of the show was once again a Vince McMahon vision that played out exactly how The Chairman envisioned it and the WWE Universe are not the only ones unhappy with the storytelling.

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Wyatt has spent much of the day liking the Tweets from fans that have asked him to use the Mandible Claw on Vince McMahon for booking such a controversial ending to his first Universal Championship match. This could either be a hint that Bray Wyatt has found the next victim for The Fiend, or it could be Wyatt agreeing that the ending to the show is deserving of such an act of violence.

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Wyatt himself has not been used very well on WWE TV since his debut back in 2013, and it appears that the former WWE Champion probably hoped for much better with his Fiend character.

This was just Wyatt’s second match with his new persona, so while many fans are still unhappy with the outcome, there is still plenty of time for McMahon to redeem himself and make Wyatt the Champion in the future.