Brock Lesnar’s Opponent For Royal Rumble, “NXT Spirit” To Be Maintained In Post-WrestleMania Shakeup

Brock Lesnar has been on a hiatus since his successful WWE Championship defense against Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series. The Beast is officially done for 2019 and his next booking is for the Royal Rumble in January.

Cagesideseats reports that Lesnar’s rumored opponent for Royal Rumble 2020 is Cain Velasquez but WWE can eventually pit him up against Randy Orton or Kevin Owens.

“If WWE doesn’t go with Cain Velasquez as Brock Lesnar’s Royal Rumble opponent, it will likely be either Kevin Owens or Randy Orton.”

It’s no secret that WWE needs a strong babyface opponent for Lesnar at the first pay-per-view of the new year. While it’s a well-known fact that The Beast will eventually squash any challenger at Royal Rumble, the idea is to make him look unbeatable at the dawn of the WrestleMania season.

At this point, both Orton and Owens are hot babyfaces on the RAW roster as WWE continues to build them up for the main event picture.

The Viper had lost to The Beast on two different occasions (in 2002 and 2016), while The Prizefighter is yet to wrestle his first televised match against The Conqueror.

Meanwhile, WWE could be planning for the inclusion of NXT heads in the first standard Superstar Shake-Up post-WrestleMania 36.

Previously, Vince McMahon used to decide the trades of every draft/shakeup, but this year Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard are reportedly more involved to chalk out the trades in a proper fashion.

According to Sportskeeda, the NXT management is very strict about picking Superstars who will “maintain the NXT spirit the fans have come to expect.”

This is a very interesting move considering the fact that the WWE Universe considers RAW and SmackDown’s product to be quite dilute and fragile as compared to NXT’s.

NXT’s rapid rise can be attributed to their gritty, intense wrestling coupled with no-nonsense storylines and it’s in the best interests of WWE to keep the hot product as it is.