Bruce Prichard Reportedly Pushed Hardest For Eric Bischoff To Be Hired As Executive Director

Will Uncle E be able to make SmackDown enjoyable like good old times?


Eric Bischoff is the new Executive Director of WWE SmackDown Live and will be taking office post-Extreme Rules.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Bruce Prichard was the man behind Bischoff’s return to the company. This goes on to prove how much backstage influence Prichard has in WWE, given he reportedly turned down a potential Vince Russo return recently.

Prichard will be the one who acclimates Bischoff and is believed to be the person who pushed hardest for Bischoff. There was talk of people asking why Bischoff wasn’t at least at the show to watch how things are done before he starts full-time, and the same was said last week.

WWE hiring Bischoff did raise a lot of eyebrows but at the same time, employees and fans are hopeful that the 64-year-old pro wrestling icon is going to make the product enjoyable once again.

Uncle E has relocated from Wyoming to Stamford, Connecticut and is ready to commence his new authority role in WWE. However, he was not present backstage during this week’s episode of SmackDown Live unlike Monday Night RAW’s new Executive Director Paul Heyman who has showed up for two weeks in a row.

It’s been noted to us that every week he’s not there puts him another week behind and the battles necessary to be the catalyst of change and improvement are going to take a long time

The Heyman Era is in full swing in WWE and the company has noticed significant improvements in viewership ratings already. The Advocate took office last week and has been successful in adding an edgier feel to RAW.

It’s still unclear whether Bischoff will be present backstage during Sunday’s Extreme Rules. Given he has plenty of work to do from hereon, Uncle E should start as early as possible. After all, the WWE Universe will definitely be patient for change but not for long.