Bruce Prichard’s Appearance on ‘Not Sam’ Podcast is Reportedly Being Considered as “an Embarrassment” Within WWE

Ringside News exclusively reports that Bruce Prichard’s recent appearance on Not Sam’s podcast is being seen as “an embarrassment” within WWE, especially writers and producers.

“He is arrogant, entitled, all-knowing and thinks he’s smarter than the audience and that he can dictate to the audience instead of listening to the audience and presenting a product that the audience will want and support.”

Prichard serves as the Executive Director for both Raw and SmackDown in WWE and he’s also among the most powerful people in the company.

However, the report from Ringside News is a little surprising because WWE promoted the podcast episode on their website.

If people really hated Bruce’s appearance on Not Sam’s podcast, why did WWE promote it? The entire podcast is available on the WWE Network at the time of writing this article.