Carlito’s WWE Status After Royal Rumble Appearance

Carlito returned after almost a decade at the Royal Rumble event, with the rumors of him returning finally coming true in 2021.

The Puerto Rican star was insanely over during his initial run in the Ruthless Aggression Era and displayed some of his charm during his stay in the ring last night.

According to PWInsider, Carlito is all set to appear on RAW this week. It is unclear if he will wrestle, but he will be giving a producer try-out.

Carlito is 41, and could be looking to find a producer role in the company, rather than wrestling inside the Squared Circle.

Carlito was originally scheduled to appear on the Legends Night of RAW last month, but it never materialized.

Carlito’s popular apple spitting gimmick made a return at the Rumble, but he probably held back on spitting due to the COVID rules and regulations.