Cesaro To Face Aleister Black At Extreme Rules?

Black has a lot to prove on SmackDown Live alongside a number of new NXT recruits

Image via WWE

WWE announced earlier this week that Aleister Black‘s Extreme Rules opponent would be revealed this week on SmackDown Live after weeks of build towards his new gimmick. Black has been looking for a fight for the past few months ever since he moved over to SmackDown Live as part of The Superstar Shake-up and it appears that Cesaro could be the man in the frame.

The Swiss Superman was the original opponent who had been picked out for Black when someone knocked on his door a few weeks ago, despite the fact that he’s a superstar who’s on Raw.

Eric Bischoff taking over the reins on SmackDown Live could mean that there are a few changes made to upcoming storylines and according to a report by WrestleVotes, this could be one of them.

Black is a former NXT Champion and a superstar who has been working closely with Paul Heyman on his promo work over the past few months, which means that he will be fully prepared to show off his new gimmick at Extreme Rules.

Cesaro hasn’t really had much of a push since Sheamus was injured and he was drafted over to Monday Night Raw alone, but The Irish star has now been cleared to make his return to WWE after a stint on the sidelines with injury so Paul Heyman could decide to put The Bar back together since The Brand Split is basically over and he will be in control of Raw in the weeks to come.

The WWE Universe only have to wait one more day to find out which superstar will be stepping up to The Dutch Destroyer at Extreme Rules and it’s hoped that this isn’t another lackluster announcement, since Black has a lot to prove on SmackDown Live alongside a number of new NXT recruits.