Chad Gable Could Be Heading To The 2019 King Of The Ring Finals

Who will ascend to the throne - The Olympian or The Lone Wolf?

Image via WWE

The 2019 King Of The Ring tournament felt like a breath of fresh air in WWE’s stereotypical programming – for three weeks, the contest has entertained us with some fantastic bookings, spectacular victories, shock defeats, and the WWE Universe is quite satisfied with the outcome so far.

This week on Monday Night RAW, Baron Corbin defeated Ricochet and Samoa Joe in the Triple Threat Semifinal to book his spot in the final stage of the ongoing tournament.

The second finalist will be determined when Chad Gable and Elias collide on SmackDown Live tonight.

Per the traditional norm, there’s every chance of WWE booking a babyface vs heel showdown for the finals of the tournament. With that being said, Gable could be the guy taking on The Lone Wolf next month at Clash Of Champions.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Gable is to likely defeat Elias tonight at the Madison Square Garden. However, there’s every chance of Vince McMahon swerving us all, so it’s better to wait and see how things play out when The Blue Show goes on the air.

“I don’t see them doing Baron Corbin vs Elias in the match so I should think that Chad Gable is going to the finals. I’ve seen that match before, look, Chad Gable is a super wrestler. If they give him time he could have a great match against Baron Corbin.”

As previously reported, WWE brought the King Of The Ring tournament back this year with the sole purpose of pushing a particular Superstar.

Given how a repackaged Gable has been pushed as a babyface underdog right from the very beginning of the contest, there’s absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t be the one ascending the throne on September 15.

Again, Corbin is Mr. McMahon’s favorite guy, thus making him the rightful Superstar to lay claim to the prestigious crown at Clash Of Champions.