Changes Made to Monday Night Raw That Were “Beyond WWE’s Control”

Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw contained the buildup to several important TLC matches and saw the first match officially announced for the show.

There were also several moments with mistakes and botches that made it clear that things behind the scenes were not as they seemed.

According to a report by Fightful, the final draft of last night’s show wasn’t handed in until 25 minutes before the show went live, which could be why many stars were looking nervous about their part in the show.

Vince McMahon has made a habit of arriving at both SmackDown and Raw late in recent weeks and deciding to re-write the whole show with just minutes to spare. Of course, last night and last week’s episode of SmackDown were two more examples of this.

Fightful went on to explain that the company was forced to make “some considerable changes” that were “well beyond WWE’s control” but the site didn’t expand on what these changes were or the reason why WWE was forced to make them.

Many of the matches and segments for last night’s show were announced on social media at the last minute but the show was still able to point towards TLC in just over three weeks’ time.