Charlotte Flair Could Be The Next WWE Superstar to Break into Hollywood

Charlotte Flair was put out of action by the one and only Nia Jax and it’s actually WWE’s move to write The Queen off the television. The 12-time Women’s Champion needed cosmetic surgery to fix a “lingering issue” from her previous surgery.

According to Talk Sport, Flair underwent successful surgery on July 25th to fix her existing issue. However, that doesn’t mean she will be back on television immediately.

“talkSPORT can reveal that On July 25, Flair had successful surgery to fix a lingering issue – which Flair herself spoke about on Twitter a few weeks back – and we’re told it went ‘great’.”

Flair was first expected to return for SummerSlam but those plans have been scrapped. While we can only hope for The Queen to return as early as possible, a delayed in-ring return could be on the cards for Flair, now that she is working on her upcoming television show with a big network. And the TV show could just be the beginning of Charlotte’s gradual transition to Hollywood!

“It seems as though these chats haven’t just popped up and a source told us many expect Flair to be the next WWE talent to crossover into the mainstream.”

WWE has lost several Superstars to Hollywood, the most notable of them being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena. Recently, Becky Lynch was also reported to be Hollywood-bound following her back-to-back appearances on “Billions” and “Game On!” and it seems that Flair could be next in line for a huge break in Tinseltown.

“Several agents have said they’d be shocked if she wasn’t the next WWE talent to cross over, but who knows. She legit loves wrestling.”

Given her legitimate passion for pro wrestling, it remains to be seen whether Charlotte would be willing to become the next crossover star in the industry.