Charlotte Flair vs Io Shirai May Not Happen At Money in The Bank, Update on Elias’ Injury

Charlotte Flair won the NXT Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, and a few days later, Io Shirai won the right to challenge the Queen for her title.

NXT has no Takeovers planned currently, after Takeover:Tampa was canceled due to the pandemic. Shirai’s challenge is yet to get a date, and it seems like the dream confrontation won’t take place at Money in the Bank next month.

WON reported that there are currently no plans to have the NXT Women’s Championship defended on the PPV, which has a rather unique presentation planned. The PPV is taking place on top of the WWE Headquarters, and will feature two ‘corporate ladder’ matches for the traditional MITB contract.

WWE SmackDwn star Elias is currently part of a rivalry with King Corbin, and despite Elias’ win at WrestleMania, the feud has continued. The latest chapter in the rivalry saw Elias take a massive beatdown at the hands of Corbin on SmackDown last week.

WWE announced that the Drifter had suffered injuries after the assault, stating that he has broken his fingers and bruised his larynx. Previously, Corbin had pushed Elias off a perch, resulting in him taking a hard fall, and almost missing WrestleMania (in kayfabe).

Similar to his previous beatdown, Corbin’s assault has injured Elias only in kayfabe, and WWE intends to keep him away from programming for a bit. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the injuries were a work, while their feud is scheduled to go on for a while longer.

“WWE is claiming Elias suffered finger injuries and a bruised larynx in the attack from Corbin, so that’s a worked injury report to keep their program going”

Elias’ musical performances are a staple of every Friday night, despite the lack of crowd in recent weeks. He will surely be itching to get some redemption against his nemesis.