Classes for NXT Developmental to Begin Again Next Week

WWE developmental talent will be training again on Monday. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE developmental talent will be having regular classes again starting August 10.

However, because WWE tapings have been taking place in the Performance Center and will be continuing to do so for near future, the classes will be held at a different venue.

Classes on Monday will be held at a warehouse that is near the performance center. This Sunday, talent who will be participating in the classes will be tested for COVID-19. The results should be out by Monday and the talents’ participation in the classes will depend on the results of the test.

Classes will be held by having only two people in a ring at the same time. Other participants and trainers will need to stay outside the ring and be required to wear masks.

The classes will be attended by new developmental talent but a few NXT performers on the higher levels are also expected to be participating.

It has been several months since classes have been held for WWE developmental talent. Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced WWE to tape at the performance center, many have been recruited to be part of the crowd during the tapings.