CM Punk’s Agent Approaches FOX For an Upcoming Talk Show

Punk returning to host a WWE weekly show will be definitely entertaining

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CM Punk may have left professional wrestling over half a decade ago, but the industry is refusing to let go of one of it’s biggest names. CM Punk left WWE in 2014 after a fall-out backstage, but could be returning to WWE in some form in two months’ time.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter, CAA, a company which represents both WWE and CM Punk, has reached out to FOX executives for a possible hosting role on FS1.

“What we do know that is interesting is that CAA, which represents Punk and also represents WWE, has had an agent reach out to FOX head honchos about Punk as a co-host of the upcoming new FS 1 talk show.” 

It was reported a few months ago that FOX is looking to have a weekly recap show, where they talk about the happenings on SmackDown Live every week. This was supposedly a move to make SmackDown feel more like a sporting event, similar to NBA, NFL, etc. Renee Young was reportedly the first choice for this show.

However, according to the latest reports, CM Punk’s agent has talked to FOX about the show, and we could see Punk return to wrestling in a totally non-wrestling capacity. Meltzer, however, was not sure whether Punk himself made this request or it was made by his agent without consulting him first.

“It’s only something Punk’s agent brought up and not anything that it’s clear Punk wanted, although he has seemingly been looking into commentary and he is doing lower level MMA commentary right now.”

CM Punk signed with Cage Fury Fighting Championships last year in a commentator role, which adds more weight to the story. Punk returning to host a weekly show, where he recaps the things happening on SDL will be equal parts amazing and humorous!