CM Punk Could Reportedly Still Sign With WWE

CM Punk hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since 2014, and while the former WWE Champion made his return to WWE Backstage last year, this was a contract with FOX and not with his old employer.

WWE Backstage was canceled last month and there’s been a lot of talks when it comes to where Punk could go from here.

When Dave Meltzer recently appeared on the Winc Daily podcast, he seemed to be of the opinion that Vince McMahon would welcome CM Punk back in the near future since The WWE Chairman is of the opinion that nothing is irreparable.

“There is nothing irreparable when it comes to wrestling and when it comes to Vince, especially now. The more things go down, the more something like that becomes enticing. But then it’s also up to Punk and does he wanna wrestle?”

“I know that Vince recently, as in a couple of months ago, was pretty adamant in that no, he wouldn’t bring him back. But he always changes his mind when it comes to things and as business gets worse, you’re looking for answers.”

“There are no easy answers so you go to the hard ones and that’s a shot in the dark. How many times can they go back to Bill Goldberg? You know what I’m saying?”

Punk was in talks with AEW at one point but reports suggested that the self-proclaimed Best in the World was requesting too much money. Could WWE see CM Punk as their best option out of their current rating issues?