CM Punk Had Tryouts With WWE This Week, Could Make a Return Soon

Punk could be returning to WWE in a completely different role

Image via WWE

There are three certainties in life; Death, Taxes and rumors on CM Punk returning to the squared circle. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported earlier today that CM Punk could make a return to professional wrestling, and WWE will be his preferred destination.

The Observer reports that the general feeling is that Punk will be making a return to WWE, as he would make the most money with the company. WWE went after Punk with a lawsuit that made him lose a lot of money, but they would be willing to put their difference aside.

It’s basically the feeling that even though WWE went after him hard with the lawsuit that cost him a ton of money, like seven figures, that WWE is the place he feels he can make the most money.

PWinsider reports that ‘numerous sources’ confirmed the presence of CM Punk at FOX Studios this week. Punk was reportedly in LA for a meeting regarding the role on WWE’s latest offering WWE Backstage.

Several other superstars like Paige, Rey Mysterio and Sean Waltman had tryouts for the upcoming show and seems like CM Punk was a part of that group.

CM Punk’s agent reached out to FOX a few weeks ago for a possible role for Punk on the new FS1 show. It was reported at the time that WWE wasn’t interested in bringing him back, but things have apparently changed in the last few weeks.

CM Punk departed WWE in 2014, and given the nature of his exit, no one would have expected him to return to the company in any capacity. He tried his hand at MMA, but failed spectacularly in his two matches with UFC.

CM Punk could be heading back to WWE soon, and that would be one of the biggest comebacks in history of the sport!