CM Punk & Paul Heyman’s Current Relationship, Dana Brooke Officially Pulled From WrestleMania

Image via WWE

CM Punk and Paul Heyman‘s on-screen relationship from the last decade is still regarded as the most dominating alliance next to The Advocate’s long-time association with Brock Lesnar. The Second City Saint’s unceremonious WWE exit in 2014 may have developed several cracks in his existing relationships backstage and it appears that the ex-Superstar isn’t very close with any of his former WWE co-workers.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Punk and Heyman’s current relationship to conclude that both men don’t share a strong bond anymore.

“There may be a small bit of communication, but I don’t think — you know they were super tight and it’s not that. I don’t think they’re super tight right now. Punk pretty much blew off from what I gathered a lot of guys who liked him and were friendly with him, he blew off a lot of those guys so you know that’s kinda like Kofi is another on. I don’t know what the relationship is with these guys right now, but I would be pretty confident that they’re not very close.”

For what it’s worth, Heyman was the backbone of Punk’s tremendous success during the latter’s second run in WWE. Both men may not be in touch anymore, but the memories they together left behind will be cherished for generations to come.

Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio have been quarantined just days ahead of WrestleMania 36. While Mysterio’s rumored United States Title match against Andrade has been canceled, Brooke has to wait for another year for her grand WrestleMania moment.

Brooke was previously booked for the Six-Pack Elimination match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at ‘Mania. Now that she’s officially out of the title picture, the match has been changed to a Fatal-Five Way Elimination showdown.

PWInsider reports that WWE sent Brooke home as early as last week.

Brooke was not feeling well and was sent home last week.”