CM Punk Refusing To Train Seth Rollins At ROH Could Be The Reason For Their Real-Life Heat

Seth Rollins and CM Punk have been trading shots at each other since the latter’s return to WWE programming last month. Punk’s candid opinions on WWE Backstage have ruffled numerous feathers and The Beastslayer is looking to do something about it.

Rollins vs Punk has been rumored for WrestleMania 36 with many believing that Seth’s heel turn is actually the beginning of the ex-Superstar’s in-ring return in disguise.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson reported that although the match is just a rumor, WWE could have a real reason to book the feud based on the bitter incident involving Punk and Rollins at ROH. An 18-year-old Rollins was expelled from the Punk-led ROH wrestling school for not being able to pay the required fees.

“Many years ago a young Tyler Black showed up at the Ring Of Honor school looking to be trained and was taken in by the school and didn’t have money to be trained and he was sent home because he did not have a way to pay his bills. So, I don’t know if there’s any real heat there, but there’s probably an underlying desire from Rollins to make money with CM Punk and Punk has been very much ‘eh I’m not wrestling yet.’”

The Beastslayer was present on WWE Backstage last week but The Best in The World wasn’t. However, Punk’s absence didn’t stop Rollins from firing a couple of shots on live TV.

“I think that CM Punk is taking some shots at him like yesterday they had Baron Corbin on WWE Backstage and Punk said, ‘Oh you’re not as thin-skinned as some people we’ve had on here. Seth Rollins was on the week before, Punk was not. Are they laying something out for the future? I say maybe, I don’t think there is any plan.”

WWE’s inclusion of Punk on the WrestleMania 36 wishlist means there’s still a strong possibility of him making an in-ring return after 6 long years this ‘Mania season.