Could Charlotte Flair Be The One to Avenge Ric Flair?

This past Monday Night on Raw, Randy Orton turned on Ric Flair even though the WWE Hall of Famer has been on his side since he turned back into the Legend Killer.

Flair’s final promo was an emotional one as he talked about his health issues and how much he cared about Orton because they have been on the same page since his time in Evolution. It was had to watch as Orton offered Flair a hug and then low-blowed The Nature Boy before delivering his infamous punt kick.

The Viper was able to deliver the kick as the lights went out which was because the 72-year-old couldn’t be cleared to take bumps. It worked well with the fact that Retribution has been causing problems for WWE, but it was still hard to watch for many fans as the entire switch was made apparent for Randy Orton.

There has been talk online that Charlotte Flair could be the one to avenge her father following the attack, something that has become a much more obvious suggestion since Flair Tweeted last night and mentioned the former 12-time Women’s Champion in the Tweet.

Charlotte Flair has made a lot of history in WWE over the past five years and to be the first woman in an intergender storyline or even the first female to challenge for the WWE Championship one-on-one when she returns would be a huge boost for the Women’s Division.

Charlotte has been sidelined over the past few months after undergoing a surgical procedure, the former Women’s Champion was written off WWE TV a few weeks ago in an attack at the hands of Nia Jax and at present, it is unknown when The Queen will make her return.

Several reports suggest that Flair could be back in the new year, but there are rumors that it may be much sooner.