Daniel Bryan Could Become Singles Superstar Once Again After Tag Team Title Loss At WWE Extreme Rules

The former WWE Champion has strongly hinted that a change is coming for him

Image via WWE

Daniel Bryan and Rowan lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championship to The New Day last night at WWE Extreme Rules. This is a solid indication that Bryan could soon be transitioning into a singles Superstar.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE took the title off Bryan and Rowan for good reason. After returning from injury post-WrestleMania 35, Bryan was made to team up with Rowan because his top heel spot had been taken by Kevin Owens.

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“You know Daniel Bryan was gonna be a singles guy and then he was out and then when he came back his spot was taken [by Kevin Owens] and then they put him with Rowan. I mean, Rowan was gonna be with him, but they weren’t gonna be a tag team and you know, tag team champions. They were supposed to be singles. So, that’s interesting.”

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During a post-match interview at Extreme Rules, Bryan revealed that a change is coming for him. What this change brings forth is yet to be seen, but we would like to remind you that Bryan went from a babyface to heel last year at Survivor Series and has played his villainous role pretty well in these 8 months.

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At WrestleMania 35, Bryan lost the WWE Championship to hot favorite Kofi Kingston. It was during this match that the 38-year-old Superstar suffered an injury that sidelined him for a while and WWE handed his heel role to Owens.

Now that KO is being pushed as rebellious babyface Stone Cold Steve Austin/CM Punk figure, it would be interesting to see how Bryan fits into the current scenario.

The biggest question at this point is whether Bryan would continue to tag with Rowan after last night’s loss.

If the two continue to team up, then it’s WWE buying themselves time to get Bryan back on track as a singles competitor.

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If not, then Rowan need not fear as his Wyatt Family member Luke Harper is reportedly on his way back to TV and WWE could have them team up for a while before making a final call.