Details on Edge’s Injury at WWE Backlash Taping

Edge lost the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match’ ever against Randy Orton at WWE Backlash last night, after taking the highly dangerous punt kick from Orton.

It was reported over the weekend that the Rated R Superstar suffered torn triceps during the taping, and will be out of action for a really long time. Edge returned to WWE at Royal Rumble earlier this year, and it was only his third appearance inside the ring since his retirement in 2011.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the injury occurred during the second half of the taping. The main-event was taped earlier to ensure a perfect match between the two competitors, and if the online consensus is anything to go by, these two delivered the goods at the PPV.

“There was multiple stuff that they filmed multiple times. He got hurt during the second tapings. I was told the injury happened during the second taping when they were going through other stuff.”

With Edge out of action for possibly the remainder of 2020, there could be a change in plans. Edge was rumored to have a five-match per year contract, and with two of those remaining, it will have an impact on things going forward.

“Obviously he’s coming back for whatever it was — it’s said that it’s 5 matches a year, but I was told it’s more than 5. This year it will probably be less than 5 given that he’s probably going to be out for months.”

Edge was also at the receiving end of the Punt Kick, which in kayfabe is known to put stars out of action for a really long time. WWE will surely use it to explain the 11-time Champion’s absence from WWE programming.