Details on the New Year’s Party That Led to Steve Cutler’s Firing

Steve Cutler was recently fired from WWE, and the reason for it was rather shocking. It was reported that Cutler contracted COVID-19 recently, which led to his firing.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cutler and his girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo contracted the virus after attending a party hosted by former WWE superstar Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) and Chelsea Green.

“The two were at a New Year’s Eve party at the home of Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green, but there were tons of wrestlers who were at that party and you can go through social media and see were at New Year’s Eve parties and we know of many at Super Bowl parties.” 

It is interesting to note that Green, despite being the host of the party, continues to remain in WWE. WWE has also seen other stars like Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles contract the virus, but didn’t take as stringent action as they took with Cutler.

It was also mentioned that WWE and AEW officials are livid with how negligent the stars are, and this could be WWE’s way of making the stars aware of the ramifications.