Drake Maverick Reportedly Set To Be King Corbin’s Manager

King Corbin already has a security force and loyal subjects in the shape of Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and the Revival, could he be getting a manager as well?

During a live event in Green Bay, Wisconsin last Thursday, Drake Maverick accompanied King Corbin to the ring when he went to face Roman Reigns. Maverick acted in a managerial capacity during the show.

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, there have been plans floated around that Maverick will indeed become associated with Corbin and become his manager. While this has yet to happen on TV, its reportedly being tested on live shows like the Green Bay one.

At Wrestling Inc.com, they pointed out that there have been signs that Corbin will indeed be adding to his court.

During the closing segment of SmackDown two weeks ago, during the match between Corbin and Reigns, there was a person who grabbed Reign’s foot from under the ring. This person’s face was not revealed and he has yet to be identified.

Dave Meltzer has speculated that the yet unidentified person could eventually be revealed to be Maverick and this could tie into the speculation that he would be Corbin’s manager going forward. He is, however, not one hundred percent sure if that is what WWE will be doing.

King Corbin and Roman Reigns are currently set to face off against each other during the TLC pay-per-view at Minneapolis’ Target Center. It is quite likely that one or more of Corbin’s “loyal subjects” will get involved in the match. Whether one of those will be Maverick, someone else, or the usual suspects of Ziggler and The Revival, remains to be seen.