Drew Gulak Could Still Have a Future With WWE as His Lawyer Continues Negotiation

Drew Gulak was quietly moved to the Alumni section on WWE’s roster page last week, a few hours after his match against Daniel Bryan on SmackDown. It was later reported that Gulak’s contract had expired, and a new deal couldn’t be negotiated between the two parties.

Gulak joined WWE in 2016 as part of the Cruiserweight Division and even won the CW title once. Gulak’s stock was on the rise in recent months, ever since his partnership with the former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

It was noted that Gulak was interested in signing for a higher amount, but WWE refused to do that, possibly due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that the situation between the two parties isn’t completely dead. Gulak’s lawyer is still in talks with the company and it is possible that the technical genius continues to showcase his talents on Friday nights.

“Gulak’s contract expired after Friday’s show as both sides had not reached a deal on the money. The belief is he is gone, but it has been hinted to Dave [Meltzer] that it’s not a dead issue. He is represented by [agent] Barry Bloom in this negotiation. So it does appear that Drew Gulak is interested in returning if he gets a good deal.”

WWE has released plenty of superstars in the last few months, along with other backstage personnel such as producers and referees. Gulak had a pretty solid run in WWE over the years, but the CW champion curse struck him. Gulak joined Lio Rush, Neville, TJ Perkins, Enzo Amore and Rich Swann as former champs who were let go by WWE.

Gulak lost the first-round match of the IC Title Tournament against Daniel Bryan. Gulak was bizarrely referred to as Bryan’s ‘training partner’ in a post by WWE after his release, as WWE hasn’t officially announced the departure of the star.