Drew McIntyre Reportedly Has No Idea When He Contracted the Virus

Drew McIntyre contracted the COVID-19 virus last week and had to miss RAW for the same. Several wrestling personalities have contracted the virus recently, and the WWE Champion is just one among many.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McIntyre isn’t sure when and how he got the virus, as he never stepped out of his house apart from his working commitments.

McIntyre tested negative for the virus after the Legends Night episode of RAW on January 4th, where he was in contact with several people including Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart.

“He had tested negative a few days earlier, after the previous week’s tapings, so the belief was he was not infected on Legends Night on 1/4 when he was in contact with a lot of people including Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart, and did a long match with Keith Lee.”

Although McIntyre is asymptotic, it will take time for him to fully recover from the deadly virus. The WWE Champion is all set to fight Goldberg at Royal Rumble with his title on the line.