EC3 Reportedly Done With Impact Wrestling

Former WWE superstar EC3 was released this year by the company in April. He was upset with Vince McMahon and Co. for not utilizing his career and he wasn’t surprised with his release either.

When EC3 first joined WWE, fans had high hopes of him. He’d already had world title reigns outside of WWE and had a plethora of experience.

He could’ve been a main-event wrestler in WWE but Vince McMahon gave up on him too soon.

After leaving WWE, EC3 returned to Impact Wrestling with a new look. Recently, he lost his Bound to Glory match, and now, FightFul Select reports that EC3 and Impact Wrestling have parted ways, at least for now.

The man known as Ethan Carter III will now be performing for Ring of Honor but there are no details regarding his contract.

EC3 is reportedly trying something different which might mean he performs for every independent wrestling company there is without signing an exclusive contract.

He could also end up joining All Elite Wrestling who might be interested in signing a wrestler of his caliber.